So, you’ve started a business and created a beautiful new website… but, you’re having a hard time getting strangers to hire you or buy from your website. Your website needs some credibility! Throughout your website, you should be sprinkling in little bits of “social proof” to give your potential customers more confidence in you.

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Press Logos

If you (or your business) has ever been featured in the press, then you should add press logos to your website in order to add credibility. You can add “Our business has been featured in….” to your home page, about page or sidebar. If you have received many mentions in the press, then you might even consider adding a “Press” page where you can share all of your features.


Testimonials are great “proof” that past clients were happy with your work, and we recommend that every website includes at least three different ones. If you’re just starting out and you don’t have many testimonials yet, you can expand your search to include testimonials from colleagues and leaders in your industry.

Client Logos

Displaying logos for businesses you’ve worked with in the past is another great way to add to your credibility. This is especially true if the brands you’ve worked with are recognizable. Depending on your industry, you could even link each logo to the project you completed for them. Don’t forget to include companies you’ve worked at in the past as an employer!

Pictures of You

People are more likely to buy from you (or hire you) if they can put a face behind the brand. At the very least, your website should include a professional picture of yourself on the About page. If you really want to kick it up a notch, you can also add video of yourself to your website so that you can truly show off the person behind the brand! Other places to include your smiling face could be your homepage and sidebar.

Social Media

These days, a website isn’t enough to earn trust. Social media takes this a step further by showing that you are regularly active within your community. Think about it, would you be more likely to hire someone with no links to social media on their website….. or, someone with a live Twitter feed in their sidebar that shows they’re tweeting about industry news daily. The second contender looks a lot more ‘in touch’ with their industry thanks to their social involvement.